Encino Estate Sales is the premier Encino estate sales company helping Encino families with their significant personal Encino property, Encino collections, and Encino estates.

The Encino Estate Sales team has over 50 years of expertise in Encino fine art, Encino antiques, and Encino estate sales. Encino Estate Sales is an internationally respected dealer with a network of clients, contacts and resources that spans Europe, Asia and the United States. Encino Estate Sales has purchased, exhibited and sold at the finest venues including Hillsborough, Miami, Los Angeles and Hotel Drouot in Paris.

Encino Estate Sales provides unparalleled Encino service to individuals and families located in Encino in transition including: inheritance, marriage dissolution, relocation, and downsizing their Encino estates.

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Our full service Encino Estate Sales team will expertly price and then stage and create a private, inviting Encino sales environment that will maximize value in Encino. Encino Estate Sales also can take individual items or collections on consignment.

Our Encino Estate Sales team includes industry experts with a combined professional experience of more than 50 years. Encino Estate Sales licensed with the State of California and a Member of ANA, Appraiser’s National Association.

The premier company helping Southern California families with their significant personal property, collections, and estates. Serving all of OrangeCounty and Los Angeles County.