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"I am always delighted when I see a Laguna Beach Estate Sale advertised. I know that the quality and provenance of items are carefully curated, the staff is friendly and professional, and Fred Stegmann, the owner has an unbeatable track record in the estate business!" - Fredda T Laguna Beach
"I love dealing with FRED! He is super knowledgeable and knows how and where to sell anything. I have had numerous clients over the years that I have referred to him plus my family has used him on two occasions. Everyone has been very pleased with his services. I have known Fred for over 25 years I would not hesitate to use him again. " - Ron H. Newport Beach
"Dear Fred: We were very pleased with the outcome of the recent estate sale you held for us in Laguna Beach. During a time of grief, you insured that the entire process ran smoothly from the initial consultation to the final buy-out. As you know, we initially believed we would be able to liquidate the contents of our parent’s home on our own and then became overwhelmed at the sheer volume of so many treasures and trinkets. Your kind and professional staff worked tirelessly to organize, and display the items in an attractive and logical way. Everything was well thought out and supervised. I will always remember the long lines of eager customers waiting outside the front door on both days of the sale. Professional advertizing on the internet and a large customer base which included many collectors and antique dealers certainly made the difference. You even had someone in charge of parking and pick-up. We also received a very detailed invoice listing every item sold. These are just a few reasons why one should commission an experienced estate sale specialist. And you are simply the best! Thanks to you and your expert staff our parent’s collection of beautiful paintings, clocks, Asian and other antiques now grace the homes of grateful collectors. And we in turn received a good price for our items. Sincerely Kathleen & Christine R." - Kathleen R.
"I have known Fred and his staff at Laguna Beach Estate Sales for many years. Every time I see them holding an Estate Sale, it is run as professionally as can be. Every homeowner I have spoken to has been 100% satisfied with Fred\\\'s operation and professionalism. Being a Realtor, I know I can always count on Laguna Beach Estate Sales to smoothly liquidate a homes contents in an efficient and pleasurable way. " - Mark M. RE Broker
"My sister and I recently used Laguna Beach Estate Sales to direct the sale of furniture and all other items in my parents\' large home. Fred Stegman, the owner, was the consummate professional in this undertaking. He not only knew exactly what he was doing, but he is one of the nicest people to work with, especially under what could have been very difficult circumstances. Fred used a straightforward contract, shared his estimates of the values prior to the sale and remained flexible if we changed our minds about selling something. This was a particularly challenging estate sale as it was in a gated community. Fred conducted it on a by appointment basis, so the community was not concerned about crowds or security. He was there every step of the way and on the final day we had a clean, empty house and a check for the sales proceeds. I cannot recommend Fred and Laguna Beach Estate Sales highly enough. D.F., Newport Beach " - Steinway Mansion, Newport Beach
" “We had the great fortune to work with Fred Stegmann recently when we sold our home in San Juan Capistrano, CA. He came HIGHLY recommended by our realtor, Suzi Dailey, whom we trusted completely when we needed to address the issue of selling a large amount of our custom furniture & furnishings in an estate sale, which he completely orchestrated. All of my initial work was done over the phone, as we lived out of the area. He was friendly, professional, honest, forthright, clearly explained the process from beginning to end, and was always available by phone or email for any questions, clarifications, or information needed. He clearly understood our house & furnishings, assessed them appropriately, and handled every detail. His massive advertising blast truly painted a picture of our home & what a prospective buyer could expect to find at the sale, worked hard in advance in pricing everything, & having it staffed for the sale…and he addressed security, parking, directions, & what was expected of a buyer. He also was clear with us what we might expect on the items…and he was correct. In addition, he handled the final buy-out of items not sold at the sale with an individual who was also professional and easy to work with. The day of the estate sale, our home was left neat & orderly. At the buy-out, Ron’s group was also neat & efficient in packing up and taking everything away. The final piece was receiving the check in an expedited fashion…with an accounting of everything. We didn’t personally meet Fred until the day after the estate sale…this even more confirmed our experience ~ he is a true gem of a guy! This was totally a seamless process…thank you so very much for making a potentially unpleasant & difficult task seamless & easy for us!!!” Nick & Carol S., San Juan Capistrano" - Modern Masterpiece Estate in San Juan Capistrano
" Fred and his staff did a fantastic job. The proceeds from the sale were much higher than we expected and the items found a new use or home rather than just be donated. They took the time to set up the house as a boutique to make the clothes, shoes, accessories, and china look their best. The number of shoppers was staggered so impact on the neighborhood was minimized. There will always be left over items that don’t sell, but Fred a source to take those away and pay us for those, too. I don’t know how it gets any better than this. Very highly recommend. " - Yes...She wore Chanel
" Dear Fredrick & Staff, I want to applaud you and your staff, for the recent estate sale in Laguna Beach. You can be relied upon, for your knowledge and aplomb. You are the epitome of professionalism, and you are able to surmount all challenges. You also handle the sale with infinite care. Not to mention the 64 steps that needed to be traversed. There are many people who offer their services in this field, however, it would be utterly pointless to utilize anyone else, as in our opinion you are number one… We wish you much success both personally and professionally and you may refer anyone to me as a reference.. Maureen L." - Magnificent South Laguna Estate Sale
"Fred Stegmann is in a class by himself. He has it all – professionalism, knowledge, discretion, compassion, trustworthiness, honor, morality and warmth - just to name a few. I recently used him to liquidate my mother’s home in Newport Beach. I was stressed and out of my element as I live on the other side of the country and had to put my 90 year-old mother in a home and liquidate her condo in a short amount of time. I called a few other estate liquidators and then received Fred’s name from a friend. After contacting him and then meeting him, I knew he was the one. He handled everything so perfectly and saw to every detail. After signing with him, no joke, I could feel myself calm down and finally relax. I knew he would handle everything perfectly, which of course he did. I cannot say enough about him. If you need to have an estate sale, this is your man; look no further. He is a true class act! S.E., CT" - Newport Beach Estate Above the Bay!
" “From our first meeting, Fred immediately put my mind at ease. It is clear that this work is his passion and that he loves what he does. I had complete confidence in him from the get go. Fred is amazing to work with. He is very professional, incredibly organized, and an excellent communicator. He is sensitive and caring as well as fun to work with. After our initial in-person meetings, Fred and his outstanding team got right to work and handled every detail. This is exactly what I needed in an Estate Sales firm given that I live out-of-state. Fred was in constant communication with me via phone, email and text message which further put my mind at ease. He and his team worked quickly and diligently. Thanks to Fred, the sale of my parent’s estate went very well and I no longer need to worry about what to do with all that stuff. What a stress relief! It was a pleasure doing business with Fred. I would highly recommend Fred and Laguna Beach Estate Sales to anyone who needs to get a parent’s house cleaned out and their estate successfully sold.” " - Dana Point Luxury Estate Sale
" My brother and I had an overwhelming and daunting task of cleaning out our mother’s home after her sudden passing. An old family friend had given me Fred’s name and I immediately called him. From the moment of contacting him, he put my mind at ease. He tackled her house as well as a storage unit that had items stored in it since 1992 with confidence and ease. I needed someone I could rely on since I live in Chicago and couldn’t keep traveling back and forth as much. Fred was warm and friendly and so was his staff. And our cross town rivalry (USC/UCLA) made it more fun! The house is now cleaned out and ready to rent!! Couldn’t have done it without Laguna Beach Estate Sales. Within 2 weeks of completing the sale, I have had 2 friends ask who did the estate sale and referred them to Fred! Thank you!! MB North Laguna Estate Sale" - North Laguna Estate
" Working with Fred was a joy (he knows what he’s doing and does it well) and enjoyable (he’s reliable and fun). I’ve done this twice with other estate sale people and they can’t hold a candle to the service Fred provides. He tells you the truth. He preps and arranges everything. He’s got a fine staff. He has a good market base and gets good prices. He arranges liquidation/donation of whatever remains. He delivers a full accounting and a check promptly. Fred makes the estate sale process, which can sometimes be heartbreaking, so much easier. S.M., San Marino, Ca " - Midcentury and More Estate Sale!
"Fred you rock!! My client is so happy with you! Use me as a testimonial. You are terrific. You will get more business from me R.M., Top Newport Beach Realtor " - Midcentury Modern Estate Sale
"I had lost my beloved husband of 35 years. From one moment to the next, in the fog of being left all alone, I had to make decisions, huge decisions about our 10,000 square foot house, the art, our custom furnishings, my jewelry…everything. So how do you trust someone with your entire life? I had no idea who to turn to. I started interviewing people, estate sale people…I did not feel right about anyone. They either were not knowledgeable or made me feel uneasy, as if they would say anything to get my business. Then, my real estate agent mentioned Fred Stegmann. We scheduled an appointment. From the first moment we met, I felt a trust, a confidence that is almost indescribable. We had just met, and yet I felt he was already part of my family. Right from the beginning and all the way through the process, he demonstrated his experience with and sensitivity to the roller coaster of emotions that families go through during difficult times. I was able to turn to him about the big financial issues as well as the small deeply emotional moments that happen when you are letting go of precious memories. He is educated and so knowledgeable about everything from top end jewelry to fine art to all kinds of antiques. He was so hard working and knew exactly what to do. I trusted Fred to handle everything, and he delivered. In fact, he over delivered and exceeded my highest expectations. There is a reason he has a huge following, is well respected and trusted. I cannot imagine anyone else handling an estate with the compassion and professionalism he showed me. Fred is steady, strong, caring and compassionate. He stood by me and supported me through the most difficult time in my life. With Fred’s help I knew I would make it through this difficult time. I am proud to consider him a good friend and now part of my family. Bonnie S.M., San Juan Capistrano " - Peppertree Bend, San Juan Capistrano
"Fredrick, You do a great job. I will recommend you to everyone!" - Lake Forest Estate
" Fred Thank you so much for everything you did for me!! You are amazing! George G" - North Laguna Beach
"Having an Estate Sale? I did. I was selling my home in Corona Del Mar and my realtor recommended Fred, owner of lagunabeachestatesales.com, for the estate sale. What a blessing this was! From the moment you meet Fred, his energy excites you about the process and gives you total confidence in the final results. His database of clients is extensive and we had an excellent turnout. Fred and his team of experts had an estate sale on Friday/Saturday in which most of the items were sold. On Monday, Fred follows the sale up with a colleague who comes in and either buys out the rest or it gets donated to charity; my house was cleaned out and ready for closing on Tuesday. Amazingly simple for my part! I know it sounds a bit like a puppy dog, but Fred is honest, sincere, trust worthy, and faithful to his client. What more are you looking for? As Nike says “Just Do It\" – hiring Fred will be the easiest and the best decision that you make in the Estate sale process. Thank you Fred – you’re the Best! Carol P" - Spyglass Hill Corona del Mar
"It has been a true pleasure working with you. You have made this very easy on me, in a time of grief and I cannot thank you enough. The way in which you conduct your business is top notch. I appreciate the open line of communication, beautiful set up and the way in which you administered this sale. If you ever need a business reference, please do not hesitate to have a potential client get in contact with me, I would be happy to do so. M.N Mission Viejo Estate Sale " - Mission Viejo Estate Sale
"When my mother died recently my brother and I were confronted with the daunting task of clearing out a big house with an even bigger garage that was packed full of “stuff” from a hundred years of family history. As my brother is a real estate broker in Newport Beach, he reached out to several of his industry contacts to see if they had any recommendations for estate sales groups. One name came up over and over again--Fred Stegmann and his team at Laguna Beach Estate Sales. Everybody raved about him and told us the same thing, “don’t even think about using anybody else.” Now I know why. We met with Fred for about an hour and decided to retain him on the spot. Within hours of signing the contract Fred had a team of five people on site with expertise in various areas of art, jewelry, furniture, collectibles, etc. They worked their tails off for four days straight arranging, evaluating, pricing, and presenting everything for the sale. I really appreciated the fact that whenever they weren’t sure about something they got on the phone to one of their extensive network who did. They didn’t guess or wing it. When an item came up that was beyond their scope they introduced us immediately to a specialist who focused on the item in question. Fred went out of his way to do everything he could to make sure we maximized our proceeds from the sale. On the fifth and sixth days (Friday and Saturday) we held the actual sale, and the place was packed with buyers. On Sunday we took a break, but on Monday Fred arranged for a liquidator to buy and remove everything that was left. Five hours, eight men, and three moving vans later the house was completely empty. Fred then vacuumed the entire house and swept out the three car garage. In my business experience, it is extremely rare to find someone who is so competent, trustworthy, and diligent--who consistently goes above and beyond, doing everything he says he will and then some. This crew is an absolute joy to work with. There isn’t a single thing that I could critique. My only regret is that I feel like I made a group of friends over this one week that I’m sorry I won’t have a chance to work with again. Yes, they really are that good! D.B. Newport Beach, CA " - Dover Shores Estate Sale Newport Beach
"Fred, I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in selling the many items in my Mom\'s estate. You totally understood the challenge I faced in selling so many pieces of our family history that I knew we could not keep. I never felt pressure from you or your staff as we inventoried and made the hard decisions. Estate sales is a unique business and you understand it and do it well. My sister and I truly appreciated your help. Sincerely, B.D. Newport Beach" - Newport Beach Eastbluff Estate
"During one of the most difficult times in a person\\\'s life, the death of a parent, the question of what to do with a lifetime of personal belongings can become an additional concern, in the midst of planning a memorial service and settling an estate. I was referred to Fred Stegmann as THE person to handle my Mother\\\'s estate sale and I cannot sing his praises loudly enough. Fred had several challenges to overcome - from working with the restrictions placed by a residential gated community to working by appointment only when the remaining resident had left the premises. Fred handled these challenges with grace and professionalism and was not obtrusive. He and his staff take care in staging items to enhance their appeal to buyers. He has built up a buyer clientele over the years with whom he treats with exclusivity, yet clearly has the best interests of the seller at heart. His fee is competitive and he takes great care with one\\\'s possessions, and in my case, went the extra mile in securing professionals to assist with moving and shipping items to me that were not part of the estate sale. I cannot recommend Fred Stegmann highly enough. J.M. Laguna Niguel " - Laguna Niguel Estate
"Fredrick Carl Stegmann Laguna Beach Estate Sales January 21, 2016 Dear Fred, Our contact in Los Angeles was not stating preferences casually when he said that if he needed an estate sale managed for himself he would go straight to your partner Patrice Berlin and you, no one else. The work you did for us, with great interest and respect for the long lifetime of personal property gracing the home of our brother in Brentwood, was magnificent. From the beginning, when we were knee-deep in it, in the midst of organizing the house, pulling items from every drawer and corner, identifying every piece of art, furniture and miscellaneous memorabilia — when we and Patrice interviewed each other to see what might be possible — we knew that you would take our task to heart, which gave us the confidence and peace of mind we needed. We remember feeling from the start that with you and Patrice the matter was a fait accompli — never a doubt. Within an hour of Patrice leaving the house to check your schedules, we were on the phone considering the dates and the terms, the times and manner of preparation, and the airtight guidelines for your work, with all the energy and personal commitment that you and Patrice could bring to bear on our behalf. The decision about dates proved to be perfect, the operation of the sale was smooth and soulful, and the house, following final liquidation, was left empty and immaculate, exactly as had been promised. The two days of the sale also provided us with meaningful experiences and revelations. You welcomed us — you trusted that we understood correct behavior — and you allowed us to join you in interactions with some of the buyers, where personal information that we possessed might make a difference not only in a sale but, more to the point, in the understanding of any buyer about objects at hand. You knew that this was important, too — that it was not only about possession or profit. Some buyers desired and became engrossed in tales of our brother’s travels and the details of acquisition; in the telling we were allowed to remember, and then came away with new stories of our own. So anything that went out the door, even as it took on life for its new owner, continued to live for us. All as it should be. Warmest regards, William & Brenda W. " - Brentwood Estate
"Thank you for the excellent work you did liquidating my relative’s estate. From the very beginning, your friendly, professional manner and quick, reliable service took a lot of pressure off my shoulders. It was a pleasure doing business with you. L. M. Laguna Beach" - Niguel Shores Estate
"We absolutely cannot thank you enough for the fantastic job you did on my parents estate. You and Patrice were amazing. We feel so blessed to have found you both, thanks to Franny. We couldn\'t be more please with Fred and Patrice. Your compassion, diligence, love and care in the handling of my parents estate was greatly appreciated. This was such a difficult time for us. You help immensely with your professionalism and your terrific staff. The many hours you spent were a testimony to the love you have for your clients and all the family members that are involved. Our wish is that during a time like this that others may feel the warmth that you provided. The closure you helped us receive cannot be measured. We can thank you enough and will continue to hold all our memories in our hearts. Sincerely, C. H., Arcadia" - Arcadia Estate Sale
"I reached out for help and you were there for me. I didn\'t know where to start and you said,\"don\'t worry I will handle it.\" I was in way over my head with collectibles, jewelry, furniture, kitchen stuff and much more and you were able to take care of it all. Fred, Patrice and staff I would like to thank you for your amazing hard work. The knowledge and your kindness towards handling ones personal belongings was handled with total respect. I am honored to say I will refer you to my friends, and I will use your services again but I hope not too soon. Thanks again for making the process of cleaning out a love ones estate so rewarding and respectful. F. Gillette" - Arcadia Estate
"Dear Fred, I HAVE to write a rave review to you on your services and team. Everything about Laguna Beach Estates Sales was 100% professional and laden with integrity, knowledge and kindness. Fred, I believe you are one of kind!!!! My praise can go on and on and on and on......... The dollar values you got for my trust estate were beyond my wildest imagination and working with you made the whole affair go from stressful to so pleasant and downright fun at times. Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me for a reference. Everything is glowing about you!!!!!!! Best, T.W" - Corona del Mar Oceanfront Estate
"To anyone looking for professional, personable, efficient and experienced help liquidating an estate quickly I can whole-heartedly recommend Fred and his team at Laguna Beach Estate Sales. We needed help clearing my mother in laws home after her passing. We don’t live in California and quickly realized the challenges of maintaining an uninhabited property for months. After many week long visits of sifting through papers and family treasures and experiencing the recurring feeling of being completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of items that had to be dealt with we decided to interview some estate sale companies to see if their services would be a good fit for our needs. Even though I had read all of the shining reviews on Fred’s website I still felt we needed to interview two or three companies before making our decision. After our experience with Laguna Beach Estate Sales I can easily say that if you need help and they are able to work you into their schedule you need to run with them. The following is a list of what we were looking for: -someone we could trust to come into our family’s home, while we were in another state, and start organizing and pricing huge quantities of household items. -someone who could communicate extremely well from the beginning to the end of the process. We needed to know that our interest would be protected. -someone who had experience with many types of collectibles in order to value the furniture, art, jewelry and household items fairly. -someone who had experience with public and private sales. We needed to feel secure that it would not be a chaotic free-for-all. -someone who would be able to facilitate the after sale clearing of the home. Fred and his crew were able to not only fulfill all of what we thought we needed but, also took care of so many things we didn’t know we needed from an estate sale company. You need a company that has connections and good working relationships with designers, auction houses, charities and movers. You need people facilitating the sale of your loved ones items that you can trust. You need someone that is respectfully looking after and representing your family through every transaction. Finally, it makes all the difference to have a group of people helping you that are happy doing what they do. Laguna Beach Estate Sales was like a family working together to pull off a marathon…every week! We are so grateful to have had their help. I am happy to answer any questions I may not have addressed in this note. Fred has my contact information. Thanks to All at Laguna Beach Estate Sales!! You guys did a tremendous job. All the Best, J.G. Villa Park Estate " - Villa Park Estate Sale
"It is our privilege to highly recommend Fred Stegmann and his team at Laguna Beach Estate Sales. My brother, a musician and avid collector, died this past year. His home was completely filled top to bottom with antiques, two pianos including a Steinway concert grand, organs, harp and over 250 clocks, to name a few. We live out of state and were overwhelmed of what to do to clear his home. While looking for a reputable estate sale company on the internet, we found Fred Stegmann Laguna Beach Estate Sales very professional website. We read all 62 of the testimonials, word for word, and knew we found our man! Fred and his wonderful team worked very hard and tirelessly for several days sorting, organizing and pricing a multitude of antiques in preparation of the estate sale. They were amazing and always warm and in good spirits. We were in awe, as they were like angels who truly make a difference in people’s lives. Fred is extremely knowledgeable about antiques, competent and very experienced in the estate sale field. He has many professional contacts and a large following. When Fred has a sale, buyers come. The sale was hugely successful! Fred and Cathy (his lead person) were in contact with us by email, text and phone throughout the process. The communication was excellent. During the three day sale, we were kept closely informed, and were able to share in the excitement. We contracted with them, to completely clear the house following the sale, and what a transformation! We sincerely thank Fred and his team from the bottom of our hearts. We will always be grateful for their kindness and all they have done for us. - Candy and Jerry B, Trabuco Canyon " - Trabuco Canyon Antique Estate Sale
"I had a wonderful experience using Fredrick Carl for our family\'s estate sale. He was professional, thorough, thoughtful, and did an overall fantastic job. I was particularly impressed with how he was able to handle our difficult family dynamics, not an easy task for anyone! I felt he got us the best possible prices for our art and antiques, and made the entire process easy and uncomplicated. Would I recommend him? Yes, without reservation. He is the best! G.G. North Laguna Estate " - North Laguna Estate
"Hello Fredrick. Thank you so very much for doing such a thorough, professional and correct job in presenting and selling so much of our precious porcelain, antique furniture and silver dishes and flatware in addition to so many other personal items that we had accumulated over many years. We learned to appreciate your professional knowledge and experience in The valuation and often select presentation of the great variety of for sale items. We realized how much hard work you and your staff carried out for many hours and always in good spirits. It was a pleasure to experience your and your staff’s competence and the diligence. . Again, we thank you all and wish you continued success and good personal and professional fortune. We will be pleased to be a reference. Sincerely, E.V. Spyglass Hill, Corona del Mar" - Corona del Mar Estate Sale
"Fredrick Carl Stegmann, Jr. 668 N. Coast Hwy, Suite 513 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 Dear Fred: We were very pleased with the outcome of the recent estate sale you held for us in Laguna Beach. During a time of grief, you insured that the entire process ran smoothly from the initial consultation to the final buy-out. As you know, we initially believed we would be able to liquidate the contents of our parent’s home on our own and then became overwhelmed at the sheer volume of so many treasures and trinkets. Your kind and professional staff worked tirelessly to organize, and display the items in an attractive and logical way. Everything was well thought out and supervised. I will always remember the long lines of eager customers waiting outside the front door on both days of the sale. Professional advertizing on the internet and a large customer base which included many collectors and antique dealers certainly made the difference. You even had someone in charge of parking and pick-up. We also received a very detailed invoice listing every item sold. These are just a few reasons why one should commission an experienced estate sale specialist. And you are simply the best! Thanks to you and your expert staff our parent’s collection of beautiful paintings, clocks, Asian and other antiques now grace the homes of grateful collectors. And we in turn received a good price for our items. Sincerely, Kathleen, Christine, and Carolyn R " - Crown Point Laguna Beach Estate
"I am a 40 year resident of Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, CA, and can attest to the excellent job Fred did for me in selling antiques and art work. Thank you, Fred, and Merry Christmas. A.E, Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach " - Emerald Bay Estate
"Dear Fred: Working with you and your team was a very pleasant and profitable experience. You and your people were so nice, helpful and efficient. They took care of everything and allowed my husband and I to relax during this very hectic moving period. Thanks again for the great service and I will recommend you and your team highly whenever I can. C.S. " - Newport Coast Estate
"I had the pleasure of dealing with Fred after my Mother passed away. My sister and I had to deal with distributing Mom’s physical possessions, which was quite an overwhelming task. Fred was the hero! I can’t say enough good things about him. He is extremely professional, but down to earth and easy to deal with. We told him what we wanted to accomplish, and he made it happen. He has lots of great contacts and was able to liquidate all of Mom’s possessions that the family members didn’t want. He and his staff set up, took over and got it done. He is quite knowledgeable about a wide variety of item, both older and newer. But also admits he doesn’t know everything, so on that rare occasion that he needs some help, he knows who to call. Fred was able to get good value, he did it quickly and efficiently, and he was pleasant and fun to deal with. I can highly recommend Fred to anyone who needs his services. M.S. Monarch Bay " - Monarch Bay Estate
" Fred, I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed working with you and your team this week in liquidating my furniture at my home in Newport Coast. You and your friendly staff were so pleasant to work with, were on time, efficient, and make the experience so easy and far beyond my expectations. I sincerely would recommend you to anyone who is planning on getting rid of their furniture for whatever reason they may have in doing so. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any of your clients and feel free to have them call me if needed. Thanks again. My best, Rusty P." - Newport Coast
"Dearest Fred, Nothing could have been more fantastic than the Estate Sale that you coordinated for my clients! Everything went as smoothly as you had said it would. You and your team did a phenominal job, and I couldn’t believe how hard and diligent everyone worked to ensure the Estate Sale was a success! And a success it was! It went well beyond my client’s expectations. They couldn’t stop talking about it afterward, and we still reminisce about all the exceptional clientele that you were able to contact to attend. You really lived up to your profession, and I am so grateful to have found you to conduct this sale. You are amazing!!!! Thank you so much! In sincerest appreciation, Brigette B. " - Laguna Beach Estate
"Fred Stegman is amazing! He and his team handled the the liquidation of my mother\'s possessions. My mother had been an antique dealer and avid collector for years. At 90 she is now in assisted living and no longer has the passion for collecting. I would have had no idea how to approach this project, or a hundred other issues, without his guidance. Fred has a direct, take- charge style that is a comfort when you are in the middle of an overwhelming and confusing project. At the same time, he is highly sensitive to the emotional component of his client. He listened carefully and incorporated my wishes and, most important, was not shy about telling my husband and myself what to expect. Fred is the epitome of professionalism and expertise would be an understatement. Going far above our wildest expectations. We are so grateful for his dedication and would certainly give him and his team the highest possible recommendation. Kay Lake Forest, Ca." - Lake Forest Estate
"I did want to thank you so much for recommending Fred Stegmann and Laguna Beach Estate Sales to me. Fred is very organized, thoroughly knowledgable and certainly knows his merchandise and his clientele. He is also very honest about the value of items in todays market. In addition, he provides lots of TLC to both the seller and the buyer, answering emails and phone calls promptly. He and his crew came in to stage and price items. Everything was set and in place for the first day of the sale. The sale went smoothly.... was a big success. Thank you again for your recommendation. I would certainly say you could recommend him to other clients. Best wishes for a happy holiday season. " - Aliso Viejo
"Fred was amazing. This was my first experience with an estate sale, and Fred explained the entire process, arranged the house for the best presentation of the items for sale, and held the sale professionally. Fred has numerous contacts that he invites for the sale to benefit both the buyers and the seller. I would recommend Fred to anyone who requires the assistance of a well organized, personable, and totally prepared estate sale professional." - Charlene A; Walnut, CA
"Fred conducted two sales for my wife and I this year. I can only say that he is very organized and diligent. He gets the people to the sale and he has the expertise to price and effectively sell. He takes care of all the details including providing for final wrap up such that everything is cleaned out and taken care of. We highly recommend his services." - John L, Laguna Beach
"Frederick came highly recommended from a friend of a friend who was very happy with his services. We sold our large vacation home of 10 years in Lake Arrowhead and of course it sold while we were doing a lot of traveling. Frederick, who had not done an Estate Sale up there, took care of everyting while we were gone and did an amazing job at the Sale and hiring someone to come in and take anything left, including cleaning out the trashy stuff that was in the garage. He advertised very well and had a wonderful turnout. He was very professional with us and in dealing with the buyers of our home and their realtor. We were happy with the sale and would most definetly hire him again and recommend him to anyone. We cannot thank Frederick and his team enough...KF, Newport Beach" - Lake Arrowhead
"This has not been a good year for my husband and I. My brother came down with lung cancer 1 1/2 years ago. He passed on July 14, 2013. My husband and I have been in California (from Arizona), almost steady since January of this year. We were so tired, emotionally and physically, we could do no more. My brother was a bit of a hoarder and had tools and gear everywhere. I talked to my realtor about getting the house ready for sale and she suggested an estate sale. She gave me four names that she had gotten from a bank. The bank said that these people had done work for them with excellent results. We hired them and what a blessing it was. Fred C Stegmann came in with his team and brought organization from chaos. His team sorted, cleared, and cleaned up behind themselves and put everything possible up for sale. The sale went very well and surprisingly most everything did sell. After the sale was successfully completed, we had Fred hire a crew to clear out everything else that was left that we could not donate. Fred even showed up when that crew came to clean up, to oversee and make sure everything was done correctly. I was very happy with the results and now I have a house that is ready to sell. Fred Stegmann made a difficult situation easier on myself and my husband and I am thankful for all the services he provided us." - La Habra Heights Estate Sale, Deborah.L.
"I could not have made a better choice than S and Fred to help me liquidate the family estate. I am so pleased knowing that there are honest people to do a job so personal in a time of loss. Thank you and your crew for a job well done and people can contact me anytime for a reference. Kim N., Orange " - Orange Estate
"Hi Fred, Thank you so much for both you and the teams calm and courteous professionalism. You were right on it and great with the entire process! We really appreciate all you did. Additionally the assistance leagues coming today was icing on the cake! Truly felt heartwarming knowing the rest went to a good cause. Much appreciation, The ENTIRE A. Family!" - Cotton Point Estate San Clemente
"A big thank you to Fred for his professionalism and thoughtfulness in handling our parents estate sale. We are so grateful for his understanding during a difficult situation. We recommend him highly! Thanks!! Temple Hills Estate Sale, Laguna Beach" - Lesley
"Fred Stegman and his staff are the absolute best! I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone I know. He did an incredible job for our family and we completely cleaned out our warehouse of treasures after 20 years! He was fun to work with and made the estate sale experience an easy one during a difficult time. Thank you Fred for your tenacity, compassion, knowledge and professionalism. D.S.B., Newport Beach, CA" - D.S.B., Linda Isle
"We all think we know what an Estate Sale is and how to go about it. After all, its just a big garage sale with a fancy name, right? WRONG! Fred brings a wealth of experience coupled with professionalism, personality and energy to what seems at first to be an insurmountable task. He knows what things cost, what they are worth and, most importantly, what they will sell for to the thousands of professional buyers who are in his network. Its over before you know it, everything is gone so you need not move or store anything and you have a nice check and a receipt for charitable donation in hand. You would be out of your mind to consider anyone else for your estate sale. Fred is the Rock Star of estate sales!" - Jon T, Corona del Mar Estate
"We had a fun day hanging with Fred at the estate sale. He is a highly professional person and very hard working. We appreciated his prompt attention and knowledge to help our estate liquidation needs. From the first phone call, I knew Fred was going to be our choice. We could not have been happier. " - Monarch Bay Estate, The H Family
"I cannot thank you enough for all of your time, energy, generosity, love and concern! Please use me as a reference as I could never say enough about you, your integrity, professionalism, knowledge, ethics and honesty! H.B. " - Huntington Beach Estate
"Frederick was a more than a blessing for me! As a result of a very difficult personal situation, I needed to move fast and dramatically downsize. He made a terrible ordeal bearable and even pleasant. He rescued me! In hearing my story of desperation, he agreed to help me and squeeze me in, all this just before the holidays. He impressed me in every sense of the word. He is first and foremost, honest. Along with that he knowledgeable on so many levels, He and his staff are very professional but importantly, they are respectful, not only of your cherished items but of you and your space. They were kind and surprisingly fun, making all of it light and easy. I never felt pressured. It was very well staged, organized and flowed. The accounting was accurate and payment came swiftly. I cannot recommend him highly enough. With sincere thanks to you and your staff!" - A.R. -Newport Beach
"Fred Stegmann and his team were a complete joy to work with! Every step of the way Fred was professional and completely \\\\\\\"hands on\\\\\\\". Estate sales can be an emotional time and Fred was patient, honest and caring through the entire process! We were paid within 3 days of the completion of the sale! Thanks for Everything!!! Diane - Orange" - Diane E
"Thank you so much for all your hard work today. We were amazed at your professional knowledge and ability handling our estate sale. We will always be grateful. Heidi L " - Mesa Verde Estate Sale
"Thank you for all your hard work. I am very happy with the amazing job that you and your wonderful team did. A tremendous load has been lifted off my shoulders, and I am truly grateful. Best regards, Gemma " - Apple Valley Estate
"After having accumulating estate property (boxes and boxes of it) from a vacation property in San Diego and a local storage unit at the their home I didn\\\'t know how anyone was going to make any sense of it all. But Fred and his team did! They did everything you\\\'d hope they would to organize and liquidate an insurmountable amount of personal property. They did so with care and respect and I couldn\\\'t have been more comfortable with the process or more pleased with the outcome! Thanks Fred! " - Chris B., Mission Viejo CA
"Fred and S are so exceptional! They really went above and beyond anything anyone could expect in estate sales. My mother died in February and I live about 800 miles away, and could not abandon my teaching, and other community obligations for more than a brief several days. These wonderful people didn\\\'t even blink. They met with me, took over, communicated and collaborated with my realtor, and maintained a constant update, letting me know what was going on, in the stages they knew would work best for this property. They were honest, realistic, and unbelievably helpful. And most of this was via phone, e-mail, and fed-x. These people are the best. Thank you both so much. " - Terri B, Fortuna, CA
"Dear Fred Just want to thank you one more time for the successful sale. Everyone in my family, as well as several realtors, are all glad that I chose you for this sale. You guys are the complete deal. Not only do you put on a terrific sale, you helped with the emotional part of leaving a long term residence for my parents. If ever you are in need of a recommendation, please do not hesitate to use me as a reference. You two do and did more than I ever imagined. Thank you! Happy Holidays and the best to you both in the New Year. John Preston, North Tustin" - Lemon Heights Estate
"It was an absolute delight working with Fred. I had been dreading and procrastinating over selling my parent\\\'s estate, but Fred made this experience absolutely painless. His sensitivity, knowledge, dedication, honesty and work ethic were a rare gift. He consistently went above and beyond to ensure that items sold for a fair price. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in this situation. " - Debbie S, CdM
"WOW, you know what they say about another mans treasure?....well Fred and his team made every item at the sale a treasure to its new owners.....I was so impressed from the first day they all showed up....they just took over and had everything staged, sorted, cleaned and priced for the market. It was truly a well oiled machine at work. Upon completion the home was empty and the receipts were very positive for both. Would recommend highly, just let them do their jobs and sit back and relax. " - Kim W., San Gabriel
" Good Communication between Fred Stegmann, Shira Brem, their team and my husband and I was the #1 quality of our business relationship. We were so well informed by Fred that our Living Estate Sale exceeded our expectations of their expertise in handling advertising, research, organization, sales, accounting, and completion. We send our thanks and highly recommend them. " - Carol L, Sunny Hills Fullerton
"Fred Stegmann knows his stuff!! He is a top notch professional with an incredibly friendly and helpful demeanor. I live far away from where we held my mother s estate sale and Fred went above and beyond to help me with out of the ordinary issues that arose. I feel very fortunate to have found him and I am grateful for all of his help. Without reservation, I recommend Fred highly. Thanks Fred, you have been great! Mary G., CA" - Mary G.
"Fred, it was a pleasure doing business with you! I got to see you and your team in action first-hand during the entire sale. I am amazed with the skill set you bring to the sale: planning and organization, presentation, savvy negotiation, security, conflict resolution, crowd control, advising, professional contacts, and so much more. In addition, you are an expert at reading the situation as you knew when we needed to pause and deal with lingering sadness, when we needed to do business, and when we needed to have some fun. So Fred, it was more than a pleasure doing business with you…I enjoyed getting to know you and your entire staff – what a super group you have and we will miss you!" - Joe R, Corona del Mar
"Fred and his staff are very professional and they make selling your furniture, antiques and collectibles a breeze! I enjoyed working with Fred and highly recommend his services." - Cyndi T, Newport Beach
"Dear Fred, Thank You! I had two elderly friends that had to move unexpectedly into assisted living and an escrow that was closing fast. You and your team handled things quickly and efficiently. Not only are you knowledgeable, but you are easy to work with and have great professional contacts. You helped my friends get top dollar for collectibles they had spent 50 years acquiring that had meant a great deal to them. And that you are a nice guy was an added plus during a very stressful time! Thanks Again and Good Luck!" - Steven N, Huntington Beach
"What a wonderful experience I had with Fred Stegmann. Fred was extremely knowledgable about the antiques and collectibles and got us fabulous prices I could not have imagined. His e-mail list was so large and wonderful, they were lined up out the door and down the street:-) He and his team were kind, efficient, punctual and TRUSTWORTHY I could not be happier or recommend him more highly. Thank you, " - Denese S
"I can wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend the services of Fred Stegmann and his team. On very short notice, in an emotionally charged setting, Fred Stegmann brought his empathy, organization and skills to the table and conducted a successful estate sale for our family. All aspects of his services were impeccable from his open communication to the professionalism his entire team displayed from the beginning to the end of the process and beyond. Fred has demonstrated to me that there still are people you can turn to and trust in difficult situations." - J.L., San Francisco
"If anyone finds themselves needing an estate sale my friend Fredrick Carl Stegmann Jr. is the best in the business. He is clever, sensitive, respectful and his reputation speaks for itself - www.lagunabeachestatesales.com - tell him I sent you! CP " - cp
"Earlier this year, we lost a dear friend and were confronted with the ominous task of getting estimations and selling the contents of both of his homes. One was located on the oceanfront in Laguna Beach, the other in the Hollywood Hills. As Laguna residents, we asked our property manager what to do. She told us about Mr. Fred Stegmann and after meeting him, decided to use his services in the selling of both estates. Mr. Stegmann and his team did a fantastic job of pricing, staging, and selling the items. He had a very short time frame from us to complete both sales and he delivered on his promise. His bookkeeping was accurate and his payment was prompt. We could not have been happier with the service Fred provided. We would recommend anyone in need of an estate sale to use Fred and his team of professionals." - A.S., Laguna Beach
"My husband and I have known Fred Stegmann as an employee and as a family friend for more than thirty years and are very pleased to write this letter of recommendation. When Fred was in our employ in the retail clothing business, we found him to be extremely sharp, hard-working, honest, and very personable. After leaving our company,we kept in touch mainly through our mutual interest in antiques. Fred\'s knowledge of the antique\'s market and the fine art world has grown through his years of travel and study and has developed into a thriving business. We have dealt with him on numerous occasions. Recently, a relative passed away and we needed to clear out his home in another city (Santa Monica) quickly. Fred came to the rescue and in a short time an estate sale was held, an itemized list presented to us along with a check for the lot. Fred\'s large client base made the sale a success and alleviated all our problems. Fred has become our \"go-to\" guy wherever antiques are concerned. We personally highly recommend Fred Stegmann." - N.D. and J.A.D, Newport Beach
"Fred Stegmann and I have known each other through the antique business and through some of his clients, and I am fortunate to count on him as a friend as well. I have every faith in his judgment in assessing the value and salability of the antiques and collectibles that he represents for me. Fred is above reproach and certainly someone who I will continue to rely on for his fairness and expertise. I could not, I would not deal with anyone else!" - Marge K, Tustin
"I just wanted to let you know much I appreciate you fitting us in between two of your estate sales. You saved us! Your professionalism and expertise made for a wonderful estate sale and enabled us to get much more money for our family\\\'s treasures than if we had not used your services. You were well worth the fee and I would be happy to refer or recommend you to any family or client in need of an estate sale. Thank you again and good luck with your business!" - Patsy L, Lake Forest
" Fred Stegmann was referred to me a few years ago. My mother-in-law to whom I was very close had passed away at age 92 leaving a lifetime of collecting. Her home looked like an antique store, and I needed to divest myself of most of her belongings. Fred was able to kindly and efficiently itemize the voluminous items in her home and organize a sale over a weekend. He had a list of potential buyers whom he believed would be interested in the historic period that my mother-in-law had concentrated her collection and thus did not have to widely advertise or bring in strangers to view the contents of her home. I was amazed at his knowledge and his expertise and his ability to make the--to me overwhelming--project seem easy. In two days most everything was sold, and I was more than satisfied with the proceeds that were obtained. His commission was well worth the task at hand. I had planned to take some furniture and memorabilia and Fred was able to clearly mark and safe-guard those itemss that could remain in the home until I had time to remove them, which occurred after the weekend sale. I can enthusiastically recommend Fred Stegmann as an expert in his field. Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions that I can answer. " - Judith R, Encino
"My husband passed away two and a half years ago. He had a long and very public illness. When he passed away my entire life changed. All of a sudden I was simultaneously grieving and having to deal with all of the financial issues. I met and interviewed so many people, but I did not feel the confidence or comfort level that I needed until I met Fred. He was so thorough and professional and his great sense of humor really helped me get through a difficult situation. He came highly recommended to me, and I highly recommend him to anyone out there. I will be happy to refer him to anyone. " - Pam M, Bel Air
"Fred, the following pretty much sums up our experience with you. Thank you again, Craig T PROBLEM; Father\\\'s condo for sale (30 day escrow) in Laguna, over 400 miles from our home in Carmichael. Needed to clear out 10 years worth of contents from a 1800 square foot, two story within a gated complex. SOLUTION; Hire Fredrick Carl Stegmann, Jr. Initially, Fred visited the condo to determine the worth of the contents. Within a week he set up an estate sale for his selected buyers and a second phase consisting of hauling away items that had not sold. This was accomplished in the course of one long day with no involvement on our part. We placed complete faith/trust in him and he did not disappoint." - Craig T, Laguna Beach
"Fred Stegmann is reliable, proactive, prompt, professional and responsive. Although we found Fred through an internet search, he treated us as though we had been his valued clients for years. We hired him to help assess and sell the entire contents of a house of a deceased loved one. We were not sure what to do, and he walked us through each step, handling everything with the utmost care and professionalism. We wholeheartedly recommend Fred to anyone who might need his services. Best, Susan Susan L. H. " - Susan L. H, Pacific Palisades
"Fred Stegmann was wonderful to work with on our sale. He is professional, honest, and efficient. He made us feel comfortable with the process. He and his workers were very professional, positive, and enthusiastic; a terrific group to work with. They did exactly what they said they would do in organizing and selling the items in a timely manner, we were extremely happy with the process and results. Fred is a great person and puts you at ease with the process. I would strongly recommend Fred Stegmann to anyone who needs help and guidance in an estate sale. " - Molly L. Corona del Mar
"Incredibly hard working and honest, helping people at a time then they are most vulnerable. I have a LONG list of clients, friends and business associates that have benefitted from knowing Fred and are thankful for his expertise, professionalism, efficiency and above all honesty helping them sort through their lifetime of collections and valuables that need a new home. Nice to see you on FB - I am sure your fan base will grow HUGE - you offer a great service helping people recycle their valuable possessions!!! Dear friend - wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012. " - Mark N, Laguna Beach
"What a honor it is for me to be able to recommend wholeheartedly Laguna Beach Estate Sales! 10 years ago I lost my best friend, my mother, at too young an age to cancer. It was a painful and sad time for my whole family. My dear friend Fred Stegmann came to our rescue when it was time for my Father to downscale on his large home filled with my mother\\\'s incredible antiques. As an antique dealer herself , she knew so many details about all her collected treasures. Unfortunately, we did not. So we knew we needed to bring in an expert who knew about antiques and fine things, her colleague and cherished friend Fred. Fred was/is amazing! He has tremendous energy and great knowledge about the work he does. More than that, he took tender care of Mom\\\'s things, treated us with love and respect and advertised in such a way as to bring a multitude of the right people into our home to purchase the items Mom had collected over a liftetime. We are and always will be incredibly grateful to Fred for helping us in our significant time of need, and making the hard task of letting go of my Mother\\\'s heritage captured in her antiques and collectables a much easier task. We could not have done it alone and we were so pleased to have the best help of Laguna Beach Estate Sales!! Thank you again my dear friend Fred Stegmann from the bottom of my heart!! " - Leslie N. G, Lemon Heights
"Hi Fred! I am so impressed with you!! Thank you so much. I will certainly be calling on you again and you can count on me referring you often. Agents are always asking for referrals on your type of services. Best, C.L. " - C.L., Corona del Mar
"Fred did such a marvelous job for our estate sale. He was totally organized from start to finish and took great care of us. Thanks Fred! " - Holly G.P., Laguna Beach
"As a newly-appointed Executor and Trustee of a modest estate, I was overwhelmed with multiple residences and substantial personal property to liquidate, including art work ranging from Old Masters to Warhol; antiques, some valuable; some not. I was referred to Fred Stegmann, Jr. and Laguna Beach Estate Sales, by a trusted friend. Fred and his Team guided us through the process; and produced timely results that met and, candidly, exceeded our expectations. Pleased to provide a strong recommendation; and I would not hesitate to call upon him again. " - Sean O.S, Laguna Woods/Palm Springs
"Dear Fred, My family and I want to let you know how much we appreciated your willingness to step in and basically save our lives with an estate sale this week. It was truly amazing how fast you put it together at the last minute and brought in so much cash for my Mom! Your professionalism and efficiency is top notch and during such a stressful time for us all, your humor and understanding really made a difference. I would recommend your services to anyone in a heartbeat! Thanks to you and your whole staff, we can rest easier now and feel that we did not just give away all of our mothers precious belongings. Thank you so much for all you did! Warm Regards" - Lynn K, San Clemente
"Dear Fred: Thank you for taking care of my mother\\\\\\\'s estate in such a professional expeditious way. Although I felt the need to be a little more involved, all that was necessary was for me to give you the keys, and let you and your experienced team handle the rest. You were very flexible and agreeable, and worked with me so that I felt completely comfortable with what was being done. You accommodated our timeline, and finished everything several weeks ahead of schedule. I was amazed at how quickly your team got ready for the sale. It was obvious that everyone knew exactly what needed to be done, and they got right to it. I was please that within a few days of the sale, I received a thorough accounting of what was sold along with a check, and was very satisfied with the quantity of times sold. A friend who attended the sale remarked that she found everyone to be very friendly, helpful, and professional. It was difficult for me to liquidate my mom\\\\\\\'s cherished collections that she had accumulated over a lifetime, but you handled everything with tact and sensitivity. I would not hesitate to recommend Laguna Beach Estate Sales to my friends and family. Yours Truly, " - Loren L, Chatsworth
"Fredrick Stegmann is the best. I highly recommend him...could not have had a better experience....he is a true professional in every sense of the word. " - Dee S. , Rancho Santa Fe
"Hi Fred, We are thrilled with the results and wold be more than happy to give a glowing recommendation! We truly could not have accomplished so much in so little time without your professionalism and most important the ability to trust you having our best interests at heart. " - Jeanine LF, Claremont Claraboya
"I can unequivocally recommend Fred Stegmann to anyone who faces an estate sale. Fred is friendly, highly professional, enthusiastic, scrupulously honest, and well organized. He communicates clearly and promptly. He adapts readily to unanticipated changes in schedules and scope of work, and he listens well. He also achieved much greater value for our estate\\\'s personal possessions than we ever thought possible-a welcome surprise. Although I was liquidating a relatively small estate, he gave me the same commitment and attention that I would have expected of a much larger transaction. Thank you Fred!" - Kathleen L, Newport Beach
"It is a real pleasure of me to recommend the estate sale services of Fred Stegmann. Fred handled my family\\\'s trust\\\'s September 25, 2010 estate sale, so my experience with his work is current. He worked quickly and efficiently to catalogue and the estate\\\'s goods for sale, brought in knowledgable and personable experts to help determine the values of the sales items, and worked together with me on pricing and the inevitable price negotiations that led the Trust selling or liquidating every item in its inventory. Fred has put together a diverse group of colleagues with expertise in marketing jewelry, antiques, collectables, and general household goods, and was able to bring to the sale an amazing array of buyers who, despite the difficult economic climate, helped the Trust obtain significant benefit from the estate sale-in our estimation, more than we could have obtained from any other type of sale. Throughout this process, Fred was always sensitive to the fact that many of the items for sale had been in the family for more than a century, and yet needed to be priced to sell. I highly recommend Fred to anyone who is looking for someone willing to take charge of his or her family\\\'s estate-particularly if one seeks to obtain the best financial results possible while suffering the least possible angst. " - David B, Orange
"Fred Thank you, thank you. It has been a real pleasure meeting you and doing business with you. It is amazing what you and your team did and we could not be happier, you made this experience for us much more enjoyable. We saw you in action working so hard with such a great attitude. Again thank you so much for all your hard work, we are thrilled! If you ever need references please let us know. " - Judy and John, Corona del Mar
"Dear Fred, Thank you so much for everything. Your kind yet professional demeanor was truly delightful. You are a rare gem. The swiftness in your handling of our furnishings has left us in awe. You have lessened the stress of moving in so many ways. We are pleased with the results. Cash in hand in less than 3 hours, wow! We will definitely pass along our wonderful experience on to Katie as well as others! We are looking forward to our new journey. God has blessed us in so many ways and you are a part of His blessing. Blessings to you and much continued success to you. Sincerely," - Brigitte/John D., Newport Beach
"Hi Fred A belated thank you for the wonderful help you gave me. I am so glad I found you and I would recommend you highly to anyone. " - Anne Marie, Irvine
"Fred from Laguna Beach Estate sales really did a fantastic job running my entire estate sale. I never would have thought the sale could have gone so smoothly and I got more money than I ever expected." - Michael